Monday, August 17, 2009

My song about Limpy the toad

Limpy the Toad

Limpy was a toad
A jolly good toad he was,
He teamed up with Goliath
To save cane toads from us.

They searched high and low
To get a helping hand,
They would jump around
Running from a man.


They found a girl with a stick
Who saved them from the teens,
After that they became
The super duper team.


Guess who he saved
From the strong hands of harm,
That's right, he saved
His little sister Charm.


He had lots of uncles
Squashed on the roads,
Now in his room
Is a dirty pile of toads.


So now you all know
The story of Limpy,
And how he saved the cane toads
From being history!

Friday, August 14, 2009

Weekly Summary Week 4

This week we have been doing lots like cross country. There was a netball game vs Sunnyhills and we won 1/7. Next week is our Brainathon and we are all nervous. Today is Pod 1&2 assembly we wonder what the assembly is going to be about but we know that the Kapahaka & dance groups are showing us what they can do. Today there's a rugby game vs Cockle Bay. I hope we win.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Imagine a place

Imagine a place where it is so cold you would not be able to wear a singlet,stubbies or jandals.
It also has no local four square that is right around the corner instead there would be the local
rugby ground. You would see at least one old timer everyday, believe me there are heaps more than you would imagine. If you walked into the town it would be much more quiet than Auckland because everyone has turned the volume down on their adams apple. And if you took one deep breath in through your nose you would smell the nearest pub reviewing the all blacks game and having a nice cold beer.



Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Imagine a Place

I feel the sun beating down on me. I see kids running about jumping in the water. I smell chlorine all the time. I touch boiling hot tiles, the smoothest water. I hear the ping pong ball smashing the table. Ping pong, ping pong. I hear kids jumping in this lovley blue water. I taste lovely smooth air flowing in and out of my mouth. I feel so relaxed and restful.


Imagine a place...

Imagine a place where you can see people,sticks,water and more.A place where you feel free and can do anything you like.You can smell salt and fresh air.You can hear people running around having fun.You can taste the salt water in your mouth and feel the sand oozing through your toes at the beach in Pauanui.

imagine a place...

Imagine a place that shelters you from wind rain and sun. A place where the smell of every meal fills up every room and every hallway. Where no matter how far away from it you are its always with you. A place where you can hear the yells of younger and older siblings. With the walls and roof towering above you. Where you can feel the open of mums hugs wrapped around you. Imagine a place that you can call home!


Can you guess where I want to be?

I can just the black scene light's are dimming.

I can smell that smell of pop corn and soda.

I can feel the delicate touch of lazy boy seat's.

I can taste the butter from the pop corn driping down my throat!

I feel excited because I've been waiting all this time for my movie to start

Hey turn that cell phone off!

by L.N!

Imagine a place...

Imagine a place where you can see girls squealing their heads off, loads of water and slides, with the sun beaming down on your face, and oops you forgot to put sunblock on! You can smell saussies cooking on the barbaque,chlorine in the pools, and little kids enjoying their ice creams before it ends up on the floor. You can feel hot sun, nice cool water and the saturated togs against your skin. You can hear splish splosh as the kids play in the water, and thump thump as they go down the slides. You can hear the lick of lollipops, and ice creams, and of course I can hear the sound of birds tweeting.You can taste the sweet flavour of ice creams and the disgusting taste of chlorine in the pool. Now you feel ready to head back after a long day at WET AND WILD!

By A.S