Friday, July 31, 2009


Mr.R has dark grey hair. his eyes are blue and he is as tall as a rugby post but not as skinny .He has legs long as five toddlers put together .His gender is male and if he stood next to a tree covered in bark he would loook camouflage but if he turned up in a bundle of hay you would never find him .If he wasn't a principal his other occupation would be a comedian because he is funny .

Description of Mr R

Mr R
Mr R is such a kind and funny principal. Shelly Park School is lucky to have him. He spends time almost every day working with us to teach us sport. He has wrinkly skin, grey hair, hairy legs and arms (so hairy he looks likes a grizzly bear), and he has light blue eyes. If I could choose a principal for any school I go to, you can be positive it would be Mr R!

Mr R

Mr R is a male, he likes to teach/make you do the right thing in rugby, soccer,cricket etc. He has grey hair, wrinkles, he's tall, he likes to eat and when he comes out to play rugby or soccer he wears boots (with metal studs) a sports jacket and sports pants. He will tell you off if you're late or you don't tell him something that he needs to know! He makes lots of loud noise, he's funny and makes fun of you sometimes. He likes to drink tea.I think he is a very nice person.
By C.I

Week 2 Term 3

This week was really fun. we had electives on Monday and everyone in the class liked it.
These are some electives that we did.
Movie making
Cross stich
Also there was cross country on Tuesday and Thursday but on Wednesday we did Jump Jam.
This week we learned about different kinds of clocks because our topic for this term is clocks.
The disco is tonight and everyone is looking forward to it.
This week has been a really fun week.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Mr R has brown hair. He is very tall. He has long arms. He is our school principal. His favorite things to do are Rugby, Soccer, Cricket and basketball. He coaches all of these sport as well. He is a boy as you already know. He keeps the school all clean, but he always has muddy feet. He is also married. His wife is a teacher at our school. He calls us funny names like ckicken legs and things like that. I think our principal is very cool.


A Poem About MR.R

A Poem About MR. R
Hairy legs,muddy feet and a bad choice of clothes.
Big shoulders, big knees and a huge nose
Taller then you, almost never mean.
Man,this guy is a sport's machine!
Ready to eat his dinner. ready to drink his tea.
I'm glad he might came play with me!

By L.N!!

Mr R

The principal of Shelly Park School is...Yes it is Mr R.At first sight its kinda creepy cause hes a tall man looking down at you.But he is probably the nicest principal you've ever met.Grey hair,blue eyes,a rugby and soccer coach ,muddy feet and really tall.Yep that's him!


Mr R
Mr R's eyes are blue like the sky. His hair is grey like the clouds. He is like a giant. Sometimes you may think he is scary and sometimes you may think he is nice. He loves to do sport. Rugby is his best. He also calls me midget. He is probably the loudest person I've ever met, but I still think I'm lucky to have a principal like him.
by KV

Mr R

To Mr R

This is honestly how Ithink you look. You are dressed smartly with a tuxedo with a smart tie and grey hair. You are handsome and like to eat. You like to have polished shoes and girls like to hit on you but not all the time. You are hairier than me. You're tall and you make anything look easy. Your eyes are light blue and you would not hurt a fly. You are the best principal and the WHOLE SCHOOL thinks so.


Mr R

Mr R

'Kids hurry up and clean the rubbish." I think you guys know who that is, its our mean old principal Mr R. He has grey hair. He likes to lick his lips a lot. He is the man at sports though and for being about sixty he is good at rugby and soccer. So what do you think of our principal? He can be really really nice but sometimes a bit eh. He can do good stuff like play rounders and just to tell you he has blue eyes and he is a bit fat, yeah he likes his food all right. Even though he is like sixty he still does cricket, basketball, rugby and soccer - he is fit for his age. Over all he is a good principal.

Mr R

Mr R has gray hair and is very tall. He loves to play rugby and all kinds of sports. He calls us nicknames like Ginger Nut and he gives up his lunch times to help the boys practice soccer, rugby, basketball and cricket and he pushes them really hard but it all pays off. He's the best principal ever.



Mr. R has grey short hair with a little bit of white. He has got big blue eyes. He is a boy. He likes rugby, soccer, cricket, basketball, table tennis and eating food. He has long hairy legs and long big arms and makes a loud yelling noise like a grizzly bear growling. He is our principal atS.P.S and treats as very well and makes sure nothing goes wrong. He wouldnt hurt me our my friends because he is the best principal you could ever have so never treat him wrong and he wont treat you wrong.
The End
by K.C.D

Mr R

Mr R

It has grey hair,a tall skinny body and a round tummy,big hairy legs and big nose and makes lots of loud noises. It has very light blue eyes. It is not a spider it is Mr R the big bad boss of the school.



"Crash, Bang, pick up that rubbish, clean yourself, go to my office." You guessed, this is our principal Mr R.
He has grey hair and blue eyes. He is sporty and helps out every sports team that he can. Some people think he's rough and can be mean sometimes but not the rugby boys. Mr R comes out every lunch time to help out sports teams. He even comes to basketball in his own time when he doesn't have to. People can think whatever the want about Mr R, but I think he is a great principal. Best of all he has made nicknames for all of us like Chicken Legs, Spike and even Grandma and these are just a few. Some sports he does with us are Soccer, Rugby, Cricket, Basketball, Sports Rotation and Rounders. People can say whatever they want about Mr R
but I think he is a great principal.


Mr R

He's kind caring and very tall. Hes tough as a cucumber and rough as a beaver. He chat chat chats all the time through sport. He believes in every sport team that he coaches. He's strong and calls us heaps of nick names like Shorty, Hosk, Goggle, Chicken Legs and many more. The thing is, he is a good principal. My principal looks like a extinct dinosaur and looks like a tall tree and smells like a angry nanny. My principal is the best in the whole world!!!!!!!!!!

Description of Mr R

Mr R is a sport genius. Without him we would be history! He has wrinkles, hairy legs, grey hair, and is very old! He also makes up the funniest nick names like Chicken Legs, Um, and Noodles. He loves to play loads of sport, as well as being a principal he is also a coach, he is also hilarious! Mr R is very kind and caring just like any person he looks after everyone. He makes us all feel at home.


Friday, July 24, 2009

WEEK 1 TERM 3 !!!!!!

What a week we have been training our hardest for cross country every Tuesday Wednesday and Thursday as well as rugby against Baverstock. We won 84 - 0 and our next two games are against Star of the Sea and Cockle Bay School. We had a yummy Jesters pie day on Thursday. Today we have girls soccer today at 12.30 with Mrs H. Jade won against navy on Thurday for basketball Jade won 10 - 6!
What a busy week!
AG and CI

Thursday, July 2, 2009

A sport I like to watch


I love cricket.To me watching cricket is like being a puppy with two tails. I will always remember my first ever cricket match. I was only 6 years old at Eden Park. It was a twenty20 match, I was so excited. My dad was explaining all he could while I joined in with the chants. I was a know-nothing about cricket at that time and well look at me now, It's as if crickets in my veins ( it kind of is though,all men in my family play and I've inherited it.) I love cricket so much I even have 10 posters of my favourite team in my closet. My favourite team is the BLACKCAPS!