Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Body Alliteration

We are learning about the Human Body. Here are some descriptive sentences about some of the body parts - we have tried to use alliteration.

Squishy squiggly intestines like sausages. MS
The lonley liver loves life inside that squishy slimy googy body. CH
Uncooked sausages like worms digesting doughnuts. RDS
Smooth slimy squashy stomach digesting delicious doughnuts. SD
Squishy slimy noodle-like lungs breathing constantly. GS
Scaly soft lungs like slimy salmon. TC
Moaning mayhem more McDonalds (stomach). JM
Small squishy heart bearing blood. US
Pumping puffy pale red heart. RH
Disgusting droopy intestines digesting diet coke. CND
Slippery slimy sausage like intestines slicing up sushi. LN
Squiggly stretchy sausages brain like breakdown (intestines). AS
Long loopy lungs like lips. AC
A strawberry red heart pumping watery slimy blood. JG
Squishing spongy lungs like scaly steak. KCD
The hungry stomach howling hard out how good at howling every night. CI


  1. What fantastic aliteration room 21! From room 16.

  2. I love your descriptive writing it ROCKS!!!NS

  3. I love your facts!!!!!NS

  4. Great writing Room 21. Great descriptive words.