Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Outerspace Postcard

To Scuttlebuddy,

In the holidays I went to Sockie Afribop and Austraflapper. In Sockie Afribop my robot really piffled me off. I also bought a Sockie Afribop rugby topplepop and lots of lollies. This was one of the best holidoopers ever. I will always remember it! When we landed in Austraflapper we went to our scuttlebuddy's whoscoop. When we got there we went to the shopplepop and got a drink and a chud chud bar. Finaly, we got back to the whooscoopwe went to the playagooble and playagooble some cricklebat. I bought some really cool tred covers.Then before you no it we were on the plane back HOME!!!

Lots of likings CI

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