Tuesday, July 28, 2009


"Crash, Bang, pick up that rubbish, clean yourself, go to my office." You guessed, this is our principal Mr R.
He has grey hair and blue eyes. He is sporty and helps out every sports team that he can. Some people think he's rough and can be mean sometimes but not the rugby boys. Mr R comes out every lunch time to help out sports teams. He even comes to basketball in his own time when he doesn't have to. People can think whatever the want about Mr R, but I think he is a great principal. Best of all he has made nicknames for all of us like Chicken Legs, Spike and even Grandma and these are just a few. Some sports he does with us are Soccer, Rugby, Cricket, Basketball, Sports Rotation and Rounders. People can say whatever they want about Mr R
but I think he is a great principal.


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  1. I believe that all Principal's should have lots of contacts with the kids in their schools. I think it is sad that some chosose to spend their day in their offices. It helps kids learn and makes it a very good way for a principal to find out about what's happening. I like to do sport because there will come a time when I can't. Nicknames make kids special.