Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Mr R

Mr R

'Kids hurry up and clean the rubbish." I think you guys know who that is, its our mean old principal Mr R. He has grey hair. He likes to lick his lips a lot. He is the man at sports though and for being about sixty he is good at rugby and soccer. So what do you think of our principal? He can be really really nice but sometimes a bit eh. He can do good stuff like play rounders and just to tell you he has blue eyes and he is a bit fat, yeah he likes his food all right. Even though he is like sixty he still does cricket, basketball, rugby and soccer - he is fit for his age. Over all he is a good principal.

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  1. I see picking up rubbish as a responsibility that we should all share. Everyone needs to make an effort to keep our school tidy. I don't walk past rubbish I help by picking it up or helping others to see their responsibility.