Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How to make a clock

How to make a Fruit Burst clock


  • wood ( 8mm thick, 40cm by 40cm)
  • fruit burst wrappers
  • cardboard

  • paint ( white and blue)

  • protractor
  • jigsaw
  • mechanism


  1. Make a template of circle shape with cardboard.

  2. Trace on to a big piece of wood that is at least 40cm by 40cm and no more than 8mm thick.

  3. Cut out shape with a jigsaw ( Get someone older to help you.)

  4. Paint it white first. Let it dry. Once it is dry paint with blue over the top. Let it dry.

  5. Cut out cardboard numbers and then cover it with fruit burst wrappers.

  6. Use protractor to mark out where numbers go.

  7. Stick on numbers with P.V.A.

  8. Cut a hole in the middle of your clock for the mechanism.

  9. Cover hands with fruit burst wrappers.

  10. Put your hands on.


1 comment:

  1. Excellent work AD! I like your recycling of the used lolly wrappers and it looks good too. That was a good idea to advise people to get someone older to help them cut out their clock so they stay safe.