Friday, September 25, 2009

Term Three PMI

Room 21 has had a great term. Here are some of our Plus, Minus and Interesting ideas about term 3.

Rock Van - we got to try out different instruments that we hadn't played before.
Electives - I got to do the one I wanted.
Year 6 tiles - it was fun designing and painting them.
Brainathon - it was a challenge to learn all 50 facts.
Our clocks - it was fun to make them.
Good weather - it was nice to get outside and play sport.
Spelling Tests - when we passed!
Cross Country - it made us fit.
Baseball - we came second.
Sports Elective - we got to play golf.
Basketball - TC got into a team.
Staff vs Students Soccer - we got to see the teachers play.
Kapa Haka - it was great fun doing the performance.
Sport - winning everything in sport this year.
Movie Making - we got to film all the electives and see what they were doing.
Drawing Elective - you could choose what you wanted to draw.
Class Games - fun playing castle, tag, octopus etc

Rock Van - we had to change out song.
Soccer Boys - they had to go into the freezing pool.
Being trapped inside on the last Thursday.
Sport Elective - we went to the Squash club and then they weren't there.
Grammar - it was quite hard.
Pen Licence - not everyone got one.
No drama this term.
School Cross Country - it was really long.
Hard work in maths.
Researching about clocks.

Cheering the teachers on at Soccer.
Maths - AS has learnt a lot this term.
Learning to play an instrument for Rock Van.
Clock Making - we haven't done it before and we didn't know exactly how they would turn out.
Learning how to play touch.
New Zealand Mufti - it was fun dressing up.

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