Tuesday, September 8, 2009

How to make a Mushroom Clock

How to make a Mushroom Clock


40cm by 40cm piece of wood

red paint

green paint

white paint

jig saw


sand paper


pencil, rubber and ruler

STEP1:Draw your shape on your wood.

STEP2:Draw a circle in the middle of your shape.

STEP3:Cut your shape out and drill a hole in the middle of the circle.

STEP4:Paint your shape red for the top bit and white dots on it. Once dry paint the grass green and the stalk white.

STEP5:Measure out where each number goes and paint them on and if 2 coats of paint are needed anywhere paint it on.

STEP6:Let it dry and put mechanism and battery in and you're done.

TIP:If your paint isn't very good put white on first.

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  1. What a neat clock! I am wondering if it's a mushroom or a toadstool? I don't know much about either really so I might need to do a quick search on Google later! I would really have liked to know who made this clock it would be great if you added your initials to your postings!